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Lighting cameraman | Video production | Gear rental

My name is Janne Viitamäki. I am a lighting cameraman that used to shoot television, mostly documentary reality, as a main work for several years. I still do sometimes and it is a lot of fun! Somehow I was too curious and willing to learn new things. That is why I started my own production company. Today the most of my work is filming and editing of advertisement films. Usually these productions are done in collaboration with local advertising agencies.

The degree of my involvement vary depending on the project. Sometimes I just take care of the video shooting and give away the material for editing. Some other time I take care of the whole production from pre interviews and scriptwriting to editing and color grading. Sometimes the productions are not possible and more often not wise to carry through as a one man band. This is where my network of media professionals will help!

My gear (that I also happily rent) includes for example Sony PXW-FX9, FX6 and A7S III 4K cameras, Aputure / Rotolight led lights, Sony and Röde mics and motorized Rhino camera slider.

If you got interested Don’t hesitate to contact +358 443252332